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Approving Agency. To summarize, the goal to save and re-publish the original texts of the Bridge to Freedom in the format of textbooks has been successfully accomplished through the efforts of a very small number of volunteers. [11],,, Parliamentary Commission on Cults in France,, "Rapport fait au nom de la Commission d'enqute sur les sectes , Home Page of the Saint Germain Foundation, Publications of the FBI Case BALLARD, EDNA ANNE processed and released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Release 1 of the Publications of the FBI Case BALLARD, GUY WARREN processed and released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Release 2 of the Publications of the FBI Case BALLARD, GUY WARREN processed and released pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),, This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 16:05. There are now 26 volumes in English and 24 volumes in German. [1] The members of the Brotherhood are sometimes called the Ascended Masters. Current Stock: SKU: 7451 Category: Card Type: Greeting Size: 5.25 x 7.75 inch Details: with envelope. Shasta to Thun, Switzerland was necessary to copy just ONE book. Compare. 5. Some of the lore about Mount Shastas healing waters may have first reached Euro-Americans through early fur-trappers, who explored the territory in the decades leading up to the California Gold Rush. [2] Ballard published his experiences in a series of books. . According to Ballard, St. Germain had purified himself and became a member of the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy, which controls the lives of individuals and the universe. This program is about sharing Sacred Knowledge that helps raise the Earth into its Crystal Golden Age. Water from the Sacred Well: Further Explorations in the Folklore and Mythology of Sacred Waters. A Way to make contact with the Light, Its All-Knowing Omnipresence, and Unerring Activity was revealed to me, and I give It to the reader in these pages." Dustin Naef is an expert about Mount Shastas history and folklore, and has lived at the base of Californias legendary mountain for most of his adult life. Saint Germain Foundation. Soon he and St. Germain were surrounded by a white flame which formed a circle about 50 feet in diameter, Ballard said, and together they whizzed through time and space, visiting fabled cities and discovering a cache of gold and jewels. If you're not familiar with the The Nonsense Bazaar's Saint Germain lore, go back and listen to episodes 23, 24, and 52, otherwise this is going to make absolutely zero sense. In 1979 the dictations of the Ascended Masters, as given through Miss Geraldine Innocente and Mr. The Warriors Who Shaped African History: The Horsemen of Oyo, Royal Mistress Jane Shore Walked Streets of London in her Underwear, Leonardo Da Vincis Notes Show He Understood Gravity Long Before Newton, Talks Begin on Repatriating Remains of Patrick Sarsfield, Irish War Hero, The Ramessid Dynasty: A Golden Era in Ancient Egypt, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Unleashing the End of the World, Unraveling the Mystery of the Carnac Stones: An Ancient Puzzle of Epic Proportions, Unraveling the Enigma of Aramu Muru, The Mysterious Gate of the Gods, Alleged Sighting of the Mythical Manananggal in the Philippines Causes Public Anxiety. It's a situation fertile for wild speculation and paranoia. "I AM"Instruction Home. Q6. According to this dispensation 49% of all karma, accumulated during all embodiments, has been dissolved, Subjects, Vol. Use of the Akashic Records enables Ascended Beings to gain access to historical data, back to the time when mankind first embodied on Earth He successfully combined elements of his mythology from Frederick Spencer Oliver, Theosophy, Christian Science, Rosicrucianism, and Hindu Swamis to appeal to followers. 2018 MU Event: Saint Germain Comes to Mount Shasta; 2018 Summer: The Resurrection of America; 2018 Raising the Mother Light in Chile; 2018 San Diego: Saint Germain on Soul Freedom; 2018 Australia Seminar: How to Live a Heart-Centered, Mindful Life; 2018 Winter: Seven Holy Kumaras Charge the Earth; 2017 Events. "[4] The next performance will be in August 2023. It was through Saint Germains Assistance that I was privileged to have the experiences recorded in this Series of Books. Members, those who study and apply the "I AM" Teachings,join together inservice at our Temples and Sanctuaries. Since his childhood in Kansas, Ballard had been obsessed with visions of buried gold and jewels and claimed to have felt the energy of this great mountain pulling him. Who Destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria? A seven-step technique for transferring them to larger pots. At one time a trip from Mt. The trail leading to Shasta Springs and Mossbrae Falls resides on private property owned by the Saint Germain Foundation, who have surrounded it with chain-link fencing, security cameras, and razor wire. After meditating by a mountain stream and flowers. ", Livestream Special Video Event - Central Time. . Top image: Oceanides, Gustave Dore (1860-1869). J. Gordon Melton, who never was a student or participated in Saint Germain Foundation activities; however, said he studied the group and ranked it in the category "established cult". Well, we're back here again: the I AM Activity, Saint Germain, Mt Shasta, interdimensional vampires, Nazis, mind control, you know, that old chestnut. By Its use, any human being can Free himself or herself from his or her own human discord and imperfection of the past and present. Well, we're back here again: the I AM Activity, Saint Germain, Mt Shasta, interdimensional vampires, Nazis, mind control, you know, that old chestnut. The Story Behind St. Germain on Mt. Featured Products. Be the first to review! Annette and Werner Schroeder gave 102 lectures in the US, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Uruguay and Germany. ( Public Domain ). Understanding the Mysterious Kingdom of Shambhala, The Truth Behind the Christ Myth: Ancient Origins of the Often Used Legend Part I, Research Confirms That 20% of the Neanderthal Genome Can Be Found In Modern Humans, The Curious Apparitions of Pagan Goddesses to the German Knights Templar, The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts, Evidence that Noahs Ark Landed on a Mountain 17 Miles South of Ararat, Caesars Savage Human Skewers Unearthed In German Fort. Q5. Ascended Master Saint Germain is one of the Great Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy who govern this system of worlds. The organization's philosophies are known as the "I AM" Activity, and its members popularly known as "I AM" Students.[3]. The Fountain of Youth: Lucas Cranach the Elder (1546). Shasta, Ca. Shasta - where ascended master St. Germain appeared to Guy Ballard and started the I AM Activity. Along with his wife and Twin Ray, Edna Wheeler Ballard, he founded The "I AM" Activity. Posts Tagged. Nefer Say Nefer - Was Nefertiti Buried in the Valley of the Queens? An ancient primordial connection between water and spirituality has always existed in some form. There is also a facility in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in down, 2023 Ascended Master Teaching Foundation, 16 Newly Prepared AMTF Lessons on YouTube, The Purpose of Life on Earth and other Planets, Werner Schroeder took an early retirement from his job as a Professional Engineer to devote himself completely to that task and to save the teachings of the Bridge to Freedom.. From historical and personal reports, he has been at various times . Saint Germain's 12-Week "Lecture and Music Series" - June-Sept. 2008. Saint Germain Foundation Complimentary Information Package . Several annual conclaves are held at their 12-story " I AM Temple " at 176 West Washington Street in downtown Chicago. Mr. Cassiere, at one time, had lived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ballard. Though it was disputed for many years, there is conclusive evidence that Neanderthals bred with modern humans (Homo sapiens). Panther Meadows, Mt. We are a small private non-profit religious school grades K-12. Were theonlyPop Archaeology site combining scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives. In the old countries throughout Europe, some sources of water have been venerated for untold generations, sometimes to the wonderment of modern people, as noted in the following quote by a nineteenth-century traveler: The unnoticeable smallness of many of these consecrated wells makes their very reminiscence and still semi-sacred character all the more remarkable. It is the most important Understanding mankind can ever have; and there is no Freedom nor Perfection for the individual, except through this conscious application. -Saint Germain. Over the years, their numbers dwindled, and today a tiny remnant of the sect lingers in the shadow of Shasta, their own holy mountain. The Count of Saint Germain (c. 1710-1784) was a mysterious gentleman who appeared among the royal families of Europe in the eighteenth century, known as der Wundermann.. His varied and unique talents reportedly included chemistry, alchemy, music, and magic.He had no visible means of support, but no lack of resources either. Read about Godfre's Experiences and the Sacred Knowledge Revealed. No hidden fees. To research the gathered texts, separating the new manuscripts into subjects and re-publishing these as textbooks. The trail leading to Shasta Springs and Mossbrae Falls resides on private property owned by the Saint Germain Foundation, who have surrounded it with chain-link fencing, security cameras, and razor wire. Dispensation of Mercy by Alpha and Omega, directors of our Central Sun. After gold, one of the most highly-prized resources to be seized from Native Americans around Mount Shasta in California were natural springs renown to possess medicinal waters, which have been used by indigenous people for thousands of years. Afterward, Ballard claimed he was in direct communication with the other Ascended Masters, which included Jesus, Moses, St. Francis, and Buddha. Never before had this type of knowledge been presented in such a structured, chronological order. Cures and Curses: Ritual and Cult at Holy Wells (Understanding the Mysteries of Sacred Springs). Some of these ancient springs and wells are still in existence today, bubbling vigorously; while others have been destroyed through neglect and lay stagnant and barren, their naiads and magic depleted. We invite you to learn moreabout this Ascended Master Instruction. Guy Ballard, Lotus Ray King, Saint germain Foundation, I AM activity, Donald Ballard, Gerald Bryan, shasta spring Godfre Ray King. Cathedrals are some of the most awe-inspiring structures in the world, with their grandeur and intricate details captivating visitors for centuries. 1710-1784), who has been variously As of 2007, Saint Germain Foundation maintains a reading room in Mount Shasta, California, and its headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois. Comparing the Atlantean Civilization with the Account Of Plato The Registered Agent on file for this company is Troika Saint Germain and is located at 404 N Mount Shasta Blvd #7, Mount Shasta, CA 96067. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. The Iliad can provide new insights on the role of motherhood among the ancient Greek gods, and by extension, amongst ancient mortal Greek women themselves. More WATCH AGAIN 2 Posts The "I AM" Pageant of the Angels 2022 6 months ago | 978 views The "I AM" Pageant of the Angels--2019 2 years ago | 2,197 views They own hundreds of properties all across the world, including a giant compound or two, do zero apparent recruiting, and besides their very strange public pageants (rituals) there isn't really any sign of life. Two trials later, Edna Ballard and her son were convicted of mail fraud. Other Location Info. Guy Ballard, were no longer available to the general public. There are hundreds of "I AM" Temples and Sanctuaries located in most principal cities of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and locations in India, Latin America and Africa, where members come together every week to decree for the benefit of mankind. There are also "I AM" Musicals that are free for listening over the web at 96067\r(530) 926-7131\r(866) 780- 9790\r\r\r\rStephen Sindoni has been a guest on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory, Odyssey Radio with Mike Schultz, and the Suzane Northrop Show. Liane Schroeder gave lectures in Hong Kong. ", "I plead with you, cherish those Books as the most valuable things that ever came into your possession if you want to be free and study them every moment that you have. Shasta in 1930. The group was labelled as cult in the 1995 report established by Parliamentary Commission on Cults in France. These giants were represented by the Wa- As Greek mythology goes, the universe was once a big soup of nothingness. It is the most important Understanding mankind can ever have; and there is no Freedom nor Perfection for the individual, except through this conscious application.. Compare. If shed brought as much love and blessing into the world as I have, she wouldnt be in this fix.. Shasta and to St. Germain. In a time of great desperation, the Count Saint Germain was a beacon of religious toleration, a teacher of a higher spiritual path, and the prime mover towards individual liberty and responsibility. THE AGE OF AQUARIUS Saint Germain is regarded as the "Chohan of the Seventh Ray". ThisInstructionisthe trueandfull understanding of the inner Laws of Life that govern our existence:why we exist, our purpose in life, why things happen, andthe actual knowledge of how we can change and reshapeour own world;and, on an even greater level of existence howwe can actively help and serve mankind, and make a difference. Many of these natural springs are still in existence today, and they contain different spiritual and mineral characteristics. And yet, not only does it completely track with our private (and stoned) speculation, it ties into many of the other stories we've covered as well. We've been looking at the SGF for over a year now and wondering just what are they up to? I feel that if the situation warranted it, I could function as well in a bathing suit.. Shasta California. Details of the sinking of the island of Poseidonis (Remainder of the Atlantean Continent) Website. . Policies. NorCal is the greatest place on the planet and it is our mission to highlight its magnificent Throughout history, there have been those who discovered what lies beyond this "undiscovered country." They are the great saints, sages, and masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Padmasambhava, Lao Tzu, and Saint Germain, who not only attained liberation, but who often remained on earth to help others. Empowered by the divine messenger, Ballard raced to Los Angeles--where else?--to form a religion based on Gods identification of himself as I AM--a sort of Readers Digest condensed version of the Hebrew deitys proclamation: I am who I am., Under the pen name Godfre Ray King, Ballard shared his experiences--for a fee--in Unveiled Mysteries, which sold like hot cakes for the then-hefty sum of $2.50 a copy. His writings about Mount Shasta take a different tack than much of the Read More.

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